Britain urges PF to fulfil promises, as US maintains call to respect people’s rights



British High Commission James Thornton says the British government is still confident that the Patriotic Front (PF) government will deliver a people driven constitution before the end of its term of office.

And USA Charge d’affairesDavid young has repeated his call for the PF regime to respect Zambians’ fundamental freedoms.

Mr. Thornton told QFM radio that he personally believes the PF government has plans to fulfil its most significant promise it made to the people of Zambia.

Speaking diplomatically, Mr Thornton implored Zambians not to lose the confidence and trust they might have had in the PF government before and when it just got into power.

Mr. Thornton said as for now it is important that the Zambian government takes note of the values of freedom and democracy which the British government shares as well.

And the US government has observed that Zambia’s functional and vibrant democracy requires the upholding and sustaining of people’s fundamental rights.

US embassy Charge d’affaires David young says the fundamental rights his government is referring to includes freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly.

Mr. Young sayid Zambia should learn from the US where sustaining of these fundamental rights has been done in a step by step process.

Mr. Young said this is why Zambians should work hard to expand their constitutional rights.

He told QFM news in an interview that in a democratic state like Zambia people should be free to speak out and assemble freely and talking with government officials regularly about their concerns.

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