British envoy censured, blames Zambia Watchdog

British envoy censured, blames Zambia Watchdog


British High Commissioner Fergus Cochrane-Dyet claims the Zambian Watchdog has distorted his Tweets and is trying to drive a wedge with the PF government.

Dyet was speaking in Lusaka after being censured by the ministry of foreign affairs.

Instead of standing his ground like a man or a true representative of the Queen, Dyet decided to blame ZWD for the twits which are still there on his account and anyone can check them.

Anyway, he has just survived ‘deportation, by blaming the Watchdog so he must thank us.

This is PF friend, they are brutal, corrupt criminals. if you can’t handle the pressure, Twit about the World Cup.


We only helped comrade Fergus Cochrane Dyet to reach a larger audience. He is now even popular thanks to our highlighting his tweets.

But to say we distorted his tweets is undiplomatic.

Of course as journalists we are entitled to explain, simply (edit) our content. But that is why we include original material in this case the High Commissioner’s tweets.

We know Our readers are not imbeciles so in addition to our explanations, we include original source material so that readers can form their own opinions. But our readers are diverse; many prefer and appreciate that we explain, simply the things we post.

On the other hand, we applaud comrade Fergus for being creative. In essence, he did not actually apologise to the PF corrupt dictators, he simply worked on their ego. He picked on something they hate: ZWD.

These are the tweets:


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