British High Commissioner’s remarks on PF corruption unsettles Kabimba

British High Commissioner’s remarks on PF corruption unsettles Kabimba

Acting Vice-President Wynter Kabimba was on Sunday unsettled by comments by British High Commissioner James Thornton’s remarks that rated lowly the PF government’s fight against corrupting.

This was during the celebrations to mark International Anti-Corruption Day at the Government Complex in Lusaka.

High Commissioner Thornton made particular reference to Henry Kapoko’s acquittal where one of the accused as since been appointed Zambia’s first secretary to Kenya.

“Unfortunately, this year, there have been some setbacks. Like others, we are disappointed with the acquittal of Mr. Henry Kapoko but, of course, we recognise that the due process must be followed and we note the Anti Corruption Commission’s decision to appeal,” is quoted by the PF-aligned Post Newspaper.

When it was Kabimba’s turn, he immediately made reference albeit indirectly to Thornton’s remarks saying no speech will in future be read during a public event without the approval of Cabinet Office.

Kabimba, who is also being investigated for corruption, was displeased that some of the speakers, in particular Thornton whom he did not mention, was seen scribbling his speech shortly before delivering it.

The justice minister and PF Secretary General is accused of benefiting from oil deals that Zambia recently signed with Trafigura using his newly formed company – Midland Energy.

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