British Universities rejecting Zambian degrees

British Universities rejecting Zambian degrees

UK universities are rejecting degrees obtained from Zambian Universities as they are considered to be of poor quality.

See below a response from a UK university from one Zambian applicant👇

Dear editor your were right that unza is a collage

Imagine having wasted study hours at the university only to be told that your masters is equivalent to a degree!

In short a degree at UNZA is equivalent to a diploma and a diploma is equivalent to a certificate very sad reading

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    Paul Simbeye 5 days ago

    Thank you for your insight and misleading heading of the assessment criteria of the above DBA application to the Uk University by a Zambian. I think it is not fair for you to put up a misleading heading so you can sell your paper. It is a normal practice of all universities to offer advise on any of their programmes. Don’t take the matter out of proportion as you are merely blackmailing the Zambian University qualification. To me the Uk University is suggesting that some components or courses have to be beefed up or added to meet their requirements. It is the same case all over the world even Zambian Universities don’t just admit every Uk degree into their suggested programmes as they may find that something is missing which needs to be added to meet the school/faculty requirements. Don’t be an alarmist please. Re-do your Journalism or else you are misrepresenting your profession.

    Paul Simbeye

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    Is this true and if it is then what are the authorities doing…sending their children to overseas quality universities while ours are left at the run down universities in Zambia in order to perpetuate their hold on power and the economic means of production. Shame shame shame indeed!