Savimbi’s bloody diamond agent Kavindele endorses Lungu

Savimbi’s bloody diamond agent  Kavindele endorses Lungu

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 17.11.55Former rich man but now broke Enoch Kavindele has endorsed outgoing president Edgar Lungu.

Kavindele once served as vice-president but was often rebuked for being dull and not knowing what he was doing.

In the past Kavindele was rich but now he is struggling even to service his vehicles. After failing to bring Vodacom to Zambia despite being given all the requirements, Kavindele started another white elephant ‘Northwestern rail’. He just uses these projects to swindle people money and for sometime now he has been struggling to convince the PF regime to fund his rail way project. The main problem is that financiers do not trust Kavindele as none of his accounts are audited and he has no real property as most of his property is tied to loans.

In the past, Kavindele made his money by selling diamonds as an agent of slain Angolan Rebel leader Jonas Savimbi. While Angolans were being killed in the civil war, Kavindele was making money from their blood by selling their diamonds on behalf of Savimbi and thereby empowering Savimbi with money to buy more guns. It was the main reason former president Fredrick Chiluba made Kavindele vice-president, his links to blood diamonds in Angola.

Kavindele told journalists that Lungu deserves a full five-year term of his own to prove his ability.

He said he will make sure Lungu wins in Northwestern province.


Kavindele, famous for cowardice, says Zambia deserves a leader like President Lungu who is tolerant and forgiving.


Kavindele told journalists that Zambians will regret removing a competent government in preference for the opposition.


He said the current crop of opposition leaders leaves much to be desired because they have characteristics of intolerance and use of uncivilised language.

Kavindele said opposition politicians have concentrated on how they can bring down their opponents instead of offering solutions to problems.

He however praised President Lungu for upholding the resolutions of the presidential indaba on political violence by sticking to issue based politics and discouraging violence.

And Kavindele has urged Dr. Guy Scott to desist from issuing seditious statements because they have potential of breeding anarchy in the country.

He said President Lungu has been so gracious and tolerant with Dr. Scott because the same seditious statements once landed him in trouble during the Mwanawasa administration.

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