Broke MISA boss protects Incompetent director

Broke MISA boss protects Incompetent director

Daniel Sikazwe: His last job was continuity annoucer for ZNBC radio 2 some 12 years ago

Serious divisions have emerged in the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia chapter National Governing Council (NGC) following a U-turn by Chairperson Daniel Sikazwe, who has decided to
dedicate his energy defending the alleged incompetence of National Director Sipo Kapumba.

Well-placed sources have said Sikazwe has aligned himself to Kapumba in exchange for financial incentives because he is broke and jobless. He has also managed to get MISA Zambia trustee Masautso Phiri in his pocket.

This has set Sikazwe on a collision course with all the other NGC members, who have been urging him to address the issues of incompetence exposed by The Zambian Watchdog a fortnight ago.

A few days ago MISA board members met to discuss the incompetence of the director but Kapumba the director, took Masutso Phiri to the meeting so that Phiri could explain the role of board members.

Sixty year old Masautso, a former chair of MISA was chased by members who felt insulted. Board members also chased Kapumba since he was the subject of the meeting.

The board resolved to terminate the contract of Kapumba on grounds of incompetence but Chairperson Sikazwe is refusing to sign the termination letter.

Sikazwe risks going together with Kapumba following his ‘financial’ decision to defend Kapumba.

Financial records at MISA Zambia have revealed that Sikazwe is surviving on allowances while excluding other NGC mem bers.
“Daniel has hired out his soul in exchange for pieces of silver, and he is prepared to let the organisation go down as long as he stands to benefit, and you see Sipo is very clever.

He has realised that Daniel is struggling financially, and he’s capitalising on that”, said the source.

The source said Sikazwe has refused to call an NGC meeting to discuss concerns of incompetence and abuse of staff by Kapumba, but has instead ganged up with the embattled MISA National Director in
witch-hunting members of staff to establish who has been leaking inside information of what was going on at the organisation.

“Here is the whole MISA chairperson working as informer for National Director. It’s funny because he’s supposed to be the boss, but that’s what poverty can do!” the source said.

“He has been telling his friends that they are going to fire some members of staff who have been leaking information, and he has some names in mind. But the unfortunate thing is that this guy is supposed
to be the  chairperson, who should not just be concerned about filling his empty pockets with money,” the source said, adding that NGC members could no longer believe that Sikazwe was capable of leading
the organisation.

The source wondered why Sikazwe was not interested in the complaints from the staff but preferred to defend Kapumba’s wrongs even at his own expense.

Two weeks ago the Zambian Watchdog revealed that tension had emerged between Sikazwe and Kapumba over the latter’s non-performance. Sikazwe’s U-turn therefore has come as a shock to many NGC members.

And an NGC member has hinted that there may be a few resignations from the board.

“Do you think we can be part of this nonsense for a long time?” asked the NGC member when asked to comment on what was happening at MISA Zambia.

The NGC members were further incensed after it emerged that in fact Sikazwe worked together with Kapumba to force former Information and Research Officer Jane Chirwa out of MISA Zambia after she alerted an NGC member on the mismanagement and incompetence at MISA Zambia.

And Kapumba is said to have remained defiant after revelations in the Zambian Watchdog of serious incompetence and abuse of staff. Sources close to the MISA National Director said Kapumba was shaken when the story was published, but told them that he was bound to be attacked in the media just as was the case with President Rupiah Banda.

“But he cannot hide in that excuse. The truth is that there are serious problems he has caused at MISA Zambia”.

Meanwhile calls for the much delayed MISA Zambia Annual General Meeting (AGM) have intensified following a story on the ZambianWatchdog that exposed mismanagement at the secretariat.

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