Broke PF government fails to open ‘disaster’ stadium

Broke PF government fails to open ‘disaster’ stadium

Government has no money to construct access roads to allow for the opening of the Chinese built ‘Disaster’ Heroes stadium in Lusaka in spite of the Chinese government having completed the works over six months ago.

A source from the ministry of works has told the Zambian Watchdog that money which was allocated for access roads at the stadium was misappropriated and government had now gone back to the Chinese with a PF begging bowl asking the Chinese to also build access roads.

“There was money allocated for roads because that is what the MMD-negotiated contract stated but this money has been channeled somewhere else, maybe Muching province. It is foolish for a donor to assist you with Mealie meal in the hope that you will now look for relish but you again go back to the donor with an empty plate asking for relish, this is how shameless this government is,” said the source.

The source further said the debate about the roofing materials used was meant to divert attention and buy time for government’s inefficiency. Works minister ‘Icipuba cesu’ Yamfwa Mukanga today took a trip to the stadium site and found that access roads have not been built, but typical of his foolishness (to borrow President Sata’s description of Mukanga), he ordered RDA to speed up the road works when there are no roads being done.

Yamfwa Mukanga is a Registered Engineer who has exchanged his education and ethics for pieces of silver to an extent where Sata who has no education record called him a fool in the presence of his juniors and the verbal abuse carried on state TV.

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