Broke PF govt to ‘exile’ soldiers to Lusaka West complex with no basic amenities

As was revealed by the Zambian Watchdog recently, the broke PF government will now ‘exile’ all un accommodated soldiers to the Lusaka West military housing complex which has no basic amenities after it stopped paying rent for all un accommodated soldiers.
All un accommodated soldiers who are currently renting will be taken to the military housing complex in Lusaka West where more than 3500 prefabricated houses were constructed years back but have not been occupied to date because government has failed to build a hospital, school, market and other basic requirements for a civilised settlement.
Currently over 3000 un accommodated soldiers are renting with a good number of them ‘squatting’ with civilians in shanty compounds of Lusaka.
Meanwhile, sources close to the development have revealed that the decision comes in a bid to save more funds for PF’s campaigns ahead of the 11th August elections as outgoing President Edgar Lungu attempts to hold on to power

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