‘Broke Zambia Railways’ boss panics after Watchdog expose

Zambia Railways Managing Director Muyenga Atanga on Thursday hurriedly called for a meeting with contractors and suppliers to plead with them not to address their concerns through the Zambian Watchdog.

Muyenga Atanga needs more money

Muyenga Atanga needs more money

Following the expose that the company has not paid its contractors for over three months, Atanga called for an emergency meeting at 08:00hrs in Lusaka, but the man only came after 10:00hrs. During the meeting Atanga pleaded that negative media reports could frustrate donors who want to further finance the company.

He told them that he had instructed some company official from Kabwe to bring the cheques to Lusaka to pay them all but after waiting up to over 17:00hrs the official only came with half payments and Atanga told them that the other half had been channelled to their accounts, which was a lie.

“He lied that there is money to pay them but we just quickly organised the half payments to pay them, he panicked and lied that he was leaving for South Africa the same day but the man is still around and just avoiding queries. Boss the fact is that the company has no money, we saw most of the money transferred to PF campaigns and now they want to get another loan after squandering the USD120m Euro bond,” said a well placed company source.

And some contractors working on the railway line have started pulling out after their workers have gone for over three months without pay.

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