Mourners beat up PF govt official over council strikes, hides in mortuary

As the strike by council workers bites, mourners on Thursday roughed up Kabwe district commissioner Patrick Chishala prompting him to hide in the mortuary at Kabwe General Hospital (KGH) for about 30 minutes.

The incident happened in ther morning as hundreds of mourners attending different funerals converged at the mortuary to prepare bodies of the deceased persons for burial at the nearby St Mary’s cemetery.

But the mourners could not take their loved ones as council workers are on strike and there was no one to even issue burial permits.

So when some one looking like a PF government official appeared on the scene, the mourners decided to vent their anger on the PF through him.

“They roughed me up, that’s when some security officers advised me to hide in the mortuary,” Mr Chishala said in an interview. “That’s when I took refuge in the morgue, and I was there for about 30 minutes until the police arrived on the scene.”
Mr Chishala narrated that while in his office, he received a call that Kabwe Municipal Council (KMC) workers at KGH were not issuing burial permits and there was commotion because mourners were being turned away.
Mr Chishala said when he rushed to KGH mortuary with a view to persuading council workers to resume work, some angry mourners instead accosted him, mistaking him for Kabwe mayor Moses Mwansa, and started roughing him up demanding an explanation for not being issued burial permits.
As the commotion continued, women wailed as some men unleashed unpalatables on the hapless district commissioner, as they demanded access to bodies that were in the morgue.
Mr Chishala said while in the mortuary, he contacted the police and informed them about his predicament and they came and whisked him away to the chagrin of irate mourners.

Strikes by council workers, health workers are just tips of a country collapsing due to lies and poor leadership by the PF regime.

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