Broken promises: PF secretly signs SI that will make you pay more on roads

The Zambian Watchdog has dug out a copy of the new Statutory Instrument that will subject Zambians to pay more taxes by paying fees at various points throughout the country merely for traveling, driving vehicles, cycling on bicycles, motor cycles, scotch carts and perhaps pushing wheel barrows.

Transport and Communications Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga secretly signed SI 73 on August 7th 2013, for toll fees for road users at every point across the country.

The bankrupt PF regime currently operating on huge budget deficit and borrowing from whoever has money, is further determined to punish Zambian citizens through such payments on the roads

The move is likely to raise transport costs and bus fares through the country.

The government that cheated for a vote on the promise of low taxes and more money in people’s pockets has again broken this campaign promise.

From Lusaka to Copperbelt alone, a road user will pay not less than six times at various points, see the SI No. 73 of 2013 – The Tolls Act obtained by the Watchdog detailing all the points throughout the country where these fees will be applied.

And in all these decisions, your so-called president is nowhere to be seen to explain the repercussions and changes in policy from a pro-poor government to one that wants to milk the citizens.

So far, Zambia has the most expensive fuel in the region following the removal of subsidies and mealie meal prices have also been rising.

But why is the PF regime so secretive about this move when it was signed it already two weeks ago? Why not make it public?

SI No. 73 of 2013 – The Tolls Act

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