Brutality of shaving Dandy Crazy’s hair

The cutting of Dandy Crazy’s dreadlocks by force is the highest form of stupidity and brutality by the Zambia police.

We wonder what kind of dogs wears our police uniforms.

We do not agree with Moses Wesley Chibambo’s life style (we need not), and his political choices, but that citizen deserves to be treated with respect like every one of us.

If that singer has committed any offence, let him be prosecuted and eventually punished without being subjected to that kind of humiliation and torture.

The police should understand that their role in the society is not to punish people they are holding in custody. For heaven’s sake you goons your job is to investigate allegations of crime. It is the duty of the judge to punish people who have been found guilty after going through a due process of the law.

How can you start cutting suspects’ hair because just because they prefer to maintain a hairstyle different from your bald heads?

So how many times if Dandy Crazy going to be punished for one crime if at all he committed the crime he is facing? If the police officers are already meting punishment before the accused is pronounced guilty, what will the court do?

If the court handling that case has any sense of justice, Dandy Crazy should be released and set free immediately.

We can just imagine the level of abuse that was going on when he was been shaved. The Zambia police should learn to be civilised and stop abusing suspects. This is simply wrong even in the sight of God and in the face of international human rights.

It is torture and assault to cut someone’s hair without his consent. Do those barbarians have an idea how much Chibambo has invested to maintain that hair for them to just cut it like that?

There is nothing that can justify the behaviour of the police to mistreat a person who is in their lawful custody that like that.

In a civilised society, the head of the police himself would have resigned in the face of such a scandal and those beasts who carried out the actual would be the ones behind bars.

But then this is the country where bullying of weaker members of society is encouraged by the powers that be. The police do such things because they know their superiors endorse it.

We generally expect very little from the Zambia police in terms of professionalism, but even with that low expection, we are still appaled by this kind of inhumanity and backwardness.


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