‘Bufi’ Singer urges students to fight on for good of the nation

Musician Petersen has advised students in higher learning institutions in Lusaka, Kabwe and Copperbelt to continue the fight.

Students from the three  government Universities have been demonstrated against the PF regime’s decision to remove subsidies on fuel and cereals including maize thereby pushing the cost of living higher.

Only students from Evelyn Hone College, once a politically active institution but now infamous for sexual activities, are supporting the move by the PF regime. Hone colleges in currently the dirtiest college in Zambia.

Petersen whose real names is  Petersen Mukubesa Mundia posted on his Facebook fan page urging students not to give up their fight for what he termed ‘the well being of the nation’.  He posted this on his social media facebook page.

”To all those expelled from UNZA, this isn’t the end but the beginning to fight for the well being of your nation, u believed in what u were doing and u wish well and stability for this Zambia.. The struggle & fight for the country begins now”

A few weeks ago, Petersen released ‘Bufi’ hit song with  Pilato.

Petersen came on the musical scene many years ago with a socio-polical commentary song ‘sinifuna na kalunga. Click here to listen to his the old hit

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