Burning of buildings: PF deploys police in Lusaka

Burning of buildings: PF deploys police in Lusaka

T he PF regime has deployed Police all over Lusaka in anticipation of more buildings been burnt, as the country becomes even more unstable.

Yesterday, citizen infuriated by the increasing dictatorship of Edgar Lungu torched part of Kamwala market and Chalimnaba university in Lusaka. At  Kamwala 120 shops were burnt and Zesco has ruled out any electrical faulty

According to intelligence reports, more building will be burnt by people who are not happy with the regime’s brutality especially the incarceration without police bond of political opponents.

‘Just wait and see what will happen after Tuesday,’ a senior police officer told ZWD.

Unhappy Citizens will continue burning buildings especially at night making the country unsafe for the first time since the UNIP dictatorship.

Watchdog finding show that even the majority of the junior police officers are not happy with what is happening in the country and it’s just a matter of time before they join the fight.

What seems to be happening now is a guerrila warfare where people in isolated places burn buildings then disappear. The interesting part is that some police officers could be involved.

Several countries have already issued warnings to their nationals intending to visit Zambia as tourists or on business to cancel such trips as Zambia is no longer safe.

Citizens are advised to stay indoors just after 5 to avoid being caught up in the fire.

So far no one has been injured.

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