Bus fares go up by KR 30 in Eastern Province

Bus operators in Eastern province have increased fared by K30 on the Lusaka route following the removal of subsidies on fuel by government.

A check by ZANIS at Kapata bus station found that bus operators charging KR 150 which was at KR120 from Chipata to Lusaka.

Buses such as Johabi, Kapekele, Zambia Malawi and Juldan had already displayed the new bus fares.

The increment of bus fares caught most villages unaware leaving some stranded.

And a small scale farmer Elias Chirwa in Mgubudu area expressed concern over the removal of fuel subsidies which he said would impact negatively on farmers as they ferry their produce to markets.

Mr. Chirwa noted that the increase on transport would strain farmer’s financial strength adding that farmers would continue to be vulnerable because the cost of transportation would be high.

But Sonile Tembo, also a small scale farmer in Kagunda area said the move by government to remove the subsidies on fuel would assist the country to improve living condition for its people.

“Subsidies are a cost to government and a thing which was only benefiting a certain class of people,” she said.

He said people should appreciate the efforts which would normalize the situation and enable development of the nation in education, health and agriculture.

Government recently removed subsidies on fuel with intentions to channel the funds towards developing the country.

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