Bus fares hiked again

Some Lusaka minibus drivers have again hiked fares by another K50 .

The distance from Town to Matero which used to cost Kr4.00 (K400 old currency) is now Kr4.50 (K450 old currency).

Some bus drivers and conductors say the decision to increase the fares is as a result of strict measures put in place by the Road Transport and Traffic Agency-RTSA and Police on those contravening Road Traffic rules.

Meanwhile, taxi drivers in Lusaka have bemoaned what they have termed as harassment by RTSA and traffic police officers.

The angry drivers says the officers are allegedly in the habit of soliciting bribes for what they term contravening traffic rules.

They say it is unfortunate that the officers who are deployed to ensure that there is sanity in the city are exploiting them during this time of economic hardships.

Zambia Reports


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