Bus fares to up

Bus fares to up

The Bus and Taxi Owners Association in Lusaka have proposed an average increase of K 3 on transport fares for local routes following fuel price increase.

The Association’s National Secretary Sydney Chewe says for long distance routes, the association has proposed an increase of K 20 to K 65.

And Mr. Chewe says the decision by the Energy regulation Board to increase fuel prices has left the association with no option but to increase the fairs in order to sustain their businesses.

But the commuters spoke to by Diamond news have rejected the proposed hike urging the Association to reconsider its decision.

But Bus and Taxi Drivers Association National Secretary Sydney Mbewe says increasing transport fares is inevitable looking at the current fuel price.

The Energy Regulation Board has adjusted fuel Pump Prices upwards pegging petrol at K 17.62 from K 15.98, while Diesel is now at K 15.59 from K 14.23.

Kerosene is now pegged at 15.39 from K 13.02.

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