Bus operators effect new fares

Bus operators effect new fares

Bus operators in Lusaka plan to effect new fares tomorrow September 3, 2012 which will go up by K600 on most routes.

The move by bus operators comes as a result of the increase in the minimum wage and rising cost of living plus maintenance costs.

Already the prices of essential commodities such as mealie meal, bread and groceries have gone up.

Zesco is also increasing electricity tariffs a move that is likely to further push the cost of doing business and push prices of most commodities upwards.

Inflation for the month of August has also gone up and the Kwacha has continued to lose value after the temporal measures that compelled business to transact in local currency have finally been caught up in market forces.

World re-known economist Dambisa Moyo recently painted a gloomy picture for Zambia’s investment climate and economic performance.

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