Businessman jailed for trying to swindle govt of K350m

A Lusaka Magistrate court has sentenced the Director of Dunglish Global Trading, a food supplying company, to three years imprisonment with hard labour for attempting to swindle government of over K350 million.
Francis Mulenshi, 42, was convicted after being found guilty of charges of money laundering and obtaining money by false pretences.
Mr. Mulenshi, using Dunglish Global Trading claimed to have supplied two tonnes of dried beans to Zambia Army when not.
He further claimed to have supplied cooking oil, meat and sugar to the Central Ordinance Depot of Zambia Army using Fibulumo and Yemu Enterprises respectively, companies for which he was also the proprietor.
A total of K376 million was presented to government as a bill of claims for the supply of food stuffs which were not delivered to the Zambia army by Mulenshi’s companies.
He was arrested in 2004 by the Anti-Money Laundering Investigations Unit of the Drug Enforcement Commission.

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