Businessman says has lost K43,700 in Investrust Visa Fraud

A businessman of Asian origin says he has been defrauded of K43, 700 from his Investrust Bank account. Diab Ibrahim’s claims his account was deducted through some on line purchases between 10th and July 9th September, 2013 without his knowledge.
Documents obtained by the Zambian Watchdog reveal that Diab Ibrahim’s account number and Visa card number were used for online purchases but Ibrahim denies conducting the purchases while Investrust bank insiders say Ibrahim’s card was non functional but wondered how the transactions were conducted.
Ibrahim has since hired lawyer Mulilo Kabesha of Kabesha and company of Kabwe to help him recover his money after the bank’s failed promise to conduct the investigation and resolve the matter within 45 days from the date of the complaint. The complaint was launched in early September but to date no redress has been effected.
Investrust bank is the latest bank to suffer a fraud, last year Barclays bank had to nullify all ATM cards after fraudsters withdrew undisclosed sums of money, Ibrahim suspects an inside job by bank staff and their accomplices and wants the money refunded with interest.

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