But Guy Scott is a stupid white man

The word stupid was created by white people so it means there are stupid people among them. In Zambia there is one stupid, white old man. His name is Guy Scott. No one should fear to call a moron stupid just because the muppet is white.
The Post newspaper has alleged that Hakainde Hichilema referred to vice president Guy Scott as ‘the most stupid white man’. As usual with The Post it is difficult to tell whether that statement is true, a half truth or total lies. The statement is said have been uttered in private and as usual the Post quoted ‘a source’ and Hakainde was not asked for his comment.
The alleged statement was said to have been uttered in Chinyanja. Apparently the word used was ‘opusa’. The Nyanja phrase ‘kupusa’ or Bemba equivalent ‘ukutumpa’ has no single direct equivalent in English for it can mean; stupid, foolish, silly or mischievous. I believe HH meant the later, that Guy Scott is mischievous (assuming HH said it). The Post chose to use ‘stupid’ for obvious reason, to make you conclude that HH has no respect for the old and/or a racist.
It is beyond debate that Guy Scott is a Muzungu, a white man. So since there is no argument about Guy Scott’s race, the question that remains is whether Guy Scott is stupid or not. Let us play along with The Post.
Is Guy Scott really stupid? Thesaurus says stupid is; unintelligent, dim, thick, dense, slow, dull, dim-witted, etc. Let us analyse Scott’s past actions and behaviour to see if indeed the said Guy Lindsay Scott is dim-witted!
First and foremost, Guy Scott has been the republican vice president for almost 2 years now without ever acting as President. This is even though the Constitution clearly states that the vice president’s many role is to provide continuity in the office of the President i.e. to act as President whenever the substantive office holder is unavailable. Even a drunkard and dishonest lawyer like Edger Lungu has acted as President before. Yet Guy Scott has never asked himself why his title reads ‘vice president’ yet he has to call the likes of Edgar, Sir, whenever the President is away.
Let us go back in time. After the 1991 elections that saw Fredrick Chiluba become President, Guy Scott was made minister of agriculture. Guy Scott inherited a flourishing grain marketing system under the Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZCF). By the time Guy Scott was leaving office 3 or so years later, ZCF was disbanded and small scale farmers were left in the cold. ‘Brief case’ grain buyers were having a field day. For many years after, Zambia’s maize marketing was in shambles due to the policies introduced by Scott. Eventually FTJ saw the need to have a government run maize marketing entity to encourage maize production, help rural incomes and make mealie meal affordable for urban dwellers. Thus was born the Food Reserve Agency (FRA). Mwanawasa later introduced the Fertiliser Support Programme (FSP) for scale farmers.
The action of Chiluba to create FRA and Mwanawasa’s FSP culminated into the consecutive bumper harvests that Zambia has experienced in the last few seasons. But alas, stupidity saw to it that all that maize was sold to other countries leading to the increase in the price of mealie meal.
Guy Scott was fired by Chiluba when he destroyed his pigs during the swine fever of the 1990s and compensated himself. That must have been a stupid action by Scott.
HH’s anger against Guy Scott must have been due to the later’s recent antics of running around the country calling the UPND a regional and tribal party. During the Lukulu West by-election campaigns Guy Scott was at his mischievous best when he grabbed the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) helicopter and went campaigning after the ECZ had declared the campaign window closed.
But Guy Scott’s highest depiction of stupidity is his support for the Patriotic Front (PF). Guy Scott is of British stock. Britain is a country that has prospered through free market policies and good governance. But here Guy is Scott championing socialism, discarding of property rights and oppression of individual freedoms.
Scotland, where Guy Scott’s father came from is agitating for independence from the rest of Britain and
David Cameroon’s government is facilitating a referendum on the independence of Scotland. Here Guy Scott was busy ‘cheering and clapping’ as his boss Michael Sata said of the people of Barotseland,‘if they say fa, just fire, if they say eni sha, just fire’. Guy Scott believes so much in this agenda that he pushes his old body to the very limit spending days on end on the campaign trail.
The Author of part of this article wishes his name to be withheld.

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