But Nkandu Luo’s brother is also masquerading as Chief – Bena Ngona Clan

Dear Editor,

I have been compelled to write about the above subject because of the high level interest the Chief Mwamba’s chieftaincy has attracted. First it was Hon Nkandu Luo, Minister of Chiefs and traditional affairs who, in the POST of Wednesday, 01 May 2013, gave a very strong and stinging lecture to our brothers of the Bemba Chiefdom to put their house in order.

This was in reference to concerns raised by some quarters of the Bemba people who were claiming that the current Senior Chief Mwamba ( Henry Sosala) was not properly installed. And in yesterday’s POST( Thursday, 09th May, 2013) the Republican President, H.E Michael Chilufya Sata  also strongly castigated Mr Henry Sosala saying the man is masquerading as Senior Chief Mwamba of the Bemba speaking people of Kasama. Now the matter is history as Senior Chief Mwamba’ recognition has been withdrawn by the President as reported in all papers today Friday 10th May 2013. I will not comment on the merits and demerits of this withdrawal of recognition because I am not privy to the full details that the President has relied on.

But as Bisas, we have a similar situation where one Bob Bwembya Luo has been masquerading as Chief Chibesakunda of the Mutambe people in Chinsali District, Muchinga Province.

Bob Luo is the young brother of the above said Minister of Chiefs and traditional affairs, Hon Nkandu Luo. To start with Bob Luo is not the right person to ascend to the throne of Chief Chibesakaunda, but through powerful forces of financial, political and judicial manipulations, Bob, who is the grandson of the late chief chibesakunda, has been IMPOSED on us as our Chief Chibesakunda. As Bisas, we traditionally follow the matrilineal  succession order where  heirs to be are suppose to come from the sisters ( Bana mfumu)  of the late chief. But in our case, from nowhere, these powerful forces want to change this succession order and have now imposed their brother and nephew -the grandson of the late chief, born from the daughter ( Bwana wamfumu) of the late chief Chibesakunda, as our chief. Ask any Bisa or Bemba traditionalist they will tell you that Umwana wamfumu tafyala mfumu, literally meaning that  daughters of Chiefs cannot give birth to a Chief to be.

We therefore find the double standards of Nkandu Luo to be very mischievous and hypocritical that she should now start lecturing to the Bemba Chiefdom about succession procedures when her own blood brother is illegally occupying the throne of our beloved Chieftaincy of Chibesakunda.

Our humble appeal to the President is that, the same interest, spirit and leadership you have shown over the Chief Mwamba chieftaincy should now be extended to the Chibesakunda chieftaincy and please use your presidential orders to tell Bob TO STOP MASQUERADING AS CHIEF CHIBESAKUNDA.

Friday Kashiwa

Great Great Grandson – Chief Chibesakunda3

For and on behalf of the Bena Ngona Clan

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