But why should a holy nun lock a poor man’s house?

By Andre Shamboko

In my life I’ve no respect for a man who beats up a woman, non what so ever. There is no reason good enough to beat up a lady. They are mothers, just that should be good reason never to touch them.

However the battered Roma Girls nun has raised a lot of interesting issues for me. I think there are a lot of lessons to be learnt from this sad incident.

A nun is supposed to be someone close to being holy. She is expected to be God fearing, friendly, dedicated, compassionate, honest and understanding. She is supposed to be someone you can run to when you have a problem and is expected to stand by those in poverty and be charitable to them. In fact just the word nun brings mother Theresa to mind and that’s saying a lot.

So as much as we can all condemn the man for beating up the Roma Girls nun, there is a need to look critically at this nun. I have had a chance to talk to some ladies that were once her pupils and am surprised that everyone I’ve talked to have nothing good to say about her. The words; “she is mean” and “she is evil” are used to describe her. “She deserved what she got”. I find this very sad to be said about a woman of the cloth, as much as I don’t condone her being battered.

I think that this lady and all of us need to learn something from what has happened and stop living lives of pretence. For a nun to provoke a man to the extent of beating her up in front of cameras speaks volumes of who she might be. If it was any other person who is not a nun, it ‘d be easy to understand. Its bad for someone to hide behind the cloth and abuse God’s people, whilst being respected as a nun.

There is need to stop this tendency of being ‘mechanical Christians’ that I see around alot if such incidents are never to happen again. This might just be God’s way of exposing fake Christians.

A Roma Girls Secondary School Science Teacher Daswell Sichilongo battered a Catholic nun a few days ago.

Mr.Sichilongo 53, of House No.2 at Roma Girls Secondary is said to have assaulted the Head of Teacher of the same school, Emma Chakupaleza, after she locked his house for failure to pay rentals.

It is said Sister Chakupaleza a Catholic nun locked up the houses of defaulting teachers in a bid to force them to pay rentals the action which angered Mr. Sichilongo to an extent of battering her.

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