Buzaianu suing Zambia in Europe, USA risking Zambian property

Buzaianu suing Zambia in Europe, USA risking Zambian property

Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu

Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu has begun the process of suing the Zambia government in Switzerland, UK and United States of America for defamation.

And the Swiss government has written to the Zambian government demanding an explanation on why the Zambian government is harassing its citizen Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu.

On October Buzaianu,a  Swiss businessman and ex-Zambia’s envoy to UNESCO in Geneva, Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu, instructed his lawyers to sue the Zambian  government and the country’s media over his alleged involvement in a gold scam. This suit is in the Zambia courts but now Buzaianu is seeking legal redress in Europe and USA as well.

Buzaianu is demanding US$100 million from the Zambian Government for allegedly defamatory remarks made by President Michael Sata against him.

The Watchdog has been informed that State House is panicking over Buzaianu’s latest move as it might lead to the grabbing of Zambian property in Europe and USA.

If Buzaianu wins the cases in any of the Western countries, he can engage baillifs to grab and sale any Zambian property in Europe.

The problem began in October when president Michael Sata accused Buzaianu of being at the centre of a gold scam.

“It is very sad that the Drug Enforcement Commission seized gold and it went missing mysteriously. The people who bought were in Lusaka a few days ago. They came with a private jet and saw my predecessor. The name is Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu,” President Sata said.

But what has emerged so far from police investigations is hat no gold was stolen but legally sold to some Swiss company.

The gold was forfeited to the Zambian government after two Zimbabweans were convicted of trying to sale it through Zambia illegally.

A tender was taken out in Zambian embassies abroad and four bidders came forward and the gold was sold to the highest bidder at K19 billion.

It is reported that close to K9 billion was then given to the DEC by the ministry of Finance to clear its backlog of debt.

DEC, which has about 500 officers countrywide, was drowning in debt and its commissioners submitted a budget to the ministry of Finance.

The Watchdog understands that DEC had not paid its retired officers, had not paid for rentals sometimes for close to seven years and had not paid its officers allowances and that this money was used to settle these debts.

Police sources say the issue of gold being stolen is out of question as it has being established that the sale was properly done and authorised by the Attorney General who actually drafted the contract of sale.

The Director of Public Prosecution is also said to have issued a certificate of release of the gold.

The police are now said to be trying to target DEC officials saying the money given to DEC has been misappropriated.

The police have since confiscated vehicles belonging to some DEC officials.

Meanwhile, sources at the ministry of foreign affairs have disclosed that the government of Switzerland has written a letter to the Zambian government seeking an explanation.

The Swiss government contends in its letter that Buzaianu has committed no offence as he came to Zambia legally and was using a Swiss passport and that he left the country a free man.

UNESCO is also said to be seeking a clarification on why Buzaianu was withdrawn from representing Zambia as a special envoy.

Buzaianu is a very rich man and has big businesses in Eastern Europe mainly dealing in energy.

People close to Buzaianu say he has complained that the accusation levelled against him by the Zambia government has harmed his businees relations with his partners in Europe and USA and hence his desire to clear his name in the courts of laws in Zambia and Europe.

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