Bwalya Chikwanda goes for Miles Sampa

Bwalya Chikwanda goes for Miles Sampa

Chikwanda’s daughter goes balistic; “Your mother was never related to the late, K2 “per fwenku” was her role”

Former Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda’s daughter Bwalya Mwamba Chikwanda has issued fresh insults at what is perceived to be her running wrangles with Lusaka Mayor, Miles Bwalya Sampa.
Apparently, Miles Sampa has been issuing derogatory remarks against her father blaming him for supporting Mulenga Sata during the mayoral intra-party race.

When the party nominated Sampa as Lusaka Mayor candidate, she wrote on her Facebook page that “basala ichipuba”.

In her latest attack, she seemed to have been provoked and has demolished the notion that Sampa was related to the late President, Michael Chilufya Sata.

Below is her fresh Facebook post;

“Some fools, let’s talk about your mother since you want to slander innocent parents! She was never related to the late, neither was your father K2 per fwenku was her role, bale fula then disguised her kids in her prostitution as nieces and nephews.”

” Lmfao. You and your boss, ta mwa kwata ilyashi?”

:Leave my father alone, the words that come out of my mouth are mine. He disagrees with most of what I say!”

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