Bwile Royal Establishment says has never intimidated its people

13 January 2015

The Bwile Royal Establishment wishes to distance itself from the public utterances of Abel Musonda who claimed to speak on behalf of Senior Chief Puta Tefwetefwe at a PF market rally in Chienge.

The Bwile Royal Establishment has never intimidated its people. Our Senior Chief knows the difference between working with a government of the day and campaigning for a political party candidate in an election.

The Bwiles vote on the basis of issues. Senior Chief Puta has allowed all leaders to campaign, but as the BRE, we shall continue to protect our Chief from abuse, intimidation and division in our family and traditional leadership.

Politicians must be sensitive to values of family, customs and respect for elders. Threats, however, veiled are easy to pick. Bwiles have been insulted by some leaders for far too long.

Let the people speak and vote based on what they hear and experience.

Senior Headman Kasoma Puta

Bwile Royal Establishment Spokesman

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