BY died due to depression caused by PF, family refuse to burry him at Embassy park

BY died due to depression caused by PF, family refuse to burry him at Embassy park

Former Defence minister Benjamin Mwila, the man Zambia called BY and one of the richest citizens may have died of depression due to the financial misery the PF government subjected him to.

By the time BY died a few days ago, he was broke and could not even afford to meet his medical fees.

And the Watchdog has been informed that BY’s family have rejected the offer to burry him at Embassy Park, a burial place reserved for former Zambian Heads of State.

The family have politely rejected the offer and said they want to bury him in Kitwe next to his parents at the old Town Centre cemetery.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that BY was so broke that it was Rupiah Banda, the president for all Zambian, who financially assisted to evacuate BY to South Africa for treatment.

Yet, in his death, president Michael Sata has appointed himself chief mourner and has even granted the former defence minister a State Funeral and offered him a presidential tomb.

But, it was Sata who ensured that Benjamin Mwila was reduced from being one of the richest people in Zambia to a pauper at his death.

One of the first things Sata did upon assuming the presidency was to cancel  road contracts that were duly given to BY by the Road Development agency.

The PF Government also arrested BY’s wife using the infamous Drug Enforcement Commission. See here

May 2012

The DEC only aborted this harassment of Mrs Mwila after she lost two children in a rood accident.

BYBut Sata and his government maintained their onslaught on Benjamin Mwila’s finances.

They cancelled the K80 billion (now K80 million) Landless Corner-Mumbwa road project after lies that his company Wade Adams Piling, (minestone) had failed to do the job.

Benjamin Mwila went to a court of arbitration and he won the matter against the government and the Road Development agency.

He was awarded K44 billion (now K40 million) but by this time, he had run of money as all his companies were targeted by PF.

But most importantly, despite winning the case involving the K80 billion Landless Corner-Mumbwa road project, he was not paid even a ngwee by the time of his death.

The PF regime refused to honour the arbitration order.

It was former president Rupiah Banda and his sons who assisted Ben Mwila with K30, 000 (rebased) to enable him go for medication in South Africa.

Now, why is the PF now showing so much concern at BY’s corpse when they hated him so much in life?

We wonder what is going through Isaac Chipampe, the managing directorof Zambia Daily Mail as he goes to the funeral of his blood uncle after editing hate articles against him.

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