BY to be buried at Embassy Park, a burial place meant for presidents

Ailing dictator president Michael Sata has now opened up the burial place meant for him and other republican presidents by directing that late politician Ben Mwila (BY), f be buried at Embassy Park.

Embassy park is near cabinet office and the British Embassy. So farnonly late presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Frederick Chiluba are buried there.

Mr. Sata, who hounded out BY from the MMD and cancelled his roads contracts when he came into office and even went further by demanding for a refund over the tarring of Landless Corner to Mumbwa Road which BY was given, is now shedding crocodiles tears by wanting to be a chief mourner.

BY, whose body is arriving from South Africa where he died in misery, has also been given a three days of national mourning beginning tomorrow morning, according to a programme released by Cabinet Office.

It is not clear how the decision to burry BY at Embassy Park was arrived at, and it is not clear who else will in future deserve to be buried at a place originally meant for Mr. Sata himself and other presidents.

With the opening up of this pandora’s box, it is clear Lusaka is now headed to have another massive graveyard littered with bodies right in the middle of town where important government and offices for international organisations, such as embassies are located.

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