BY warns Zambians against voting for Sata

NATIONAL Democratic Focus (NDF) leader Benjamin Mwila has said Zambians will live to regret if they vote for Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata in the 2011 general elections because he is allegedly undemocratic and inconsistent on national issues.

And Global Commodity Market Institute country director Mwango Chisha has said Mr Sata’s assertions that he will expel Zambia-based Chinese workers and low class investment is a dream because he will never be president of Zambia.

Commenting on assertions that the PF leader would expel Chinese workers and low investment, Mr Mwila said Mr Sata’s comments on the Chinese investment were a sign of an ignorant man on the global economy.

Mr Mwila said Zambians should blame themselves if they make a mistake of voting Mr Sata into power because he allegedly did not believe in democracy and kept changing position on important national policy matters.

Mr Mwila said Mr Sata did not understand democracy because he was not there when the MMD, which was based on democracy, was formed.

He said Mr Sata was an opportunist and populist leader,who joined the MMD one week before the convention which was why he did not understand and appreciate democracy.

Mr Mwila said he did not understand why the PF leader continued to attack the Chinese instead of explaining to the citizenry how he would contribute to the development of Zambia if elected into power.

Mr Mwila said countries were embracing each other for development but it was surprising that Mr Sata did not like Chinese investment when it was accepted globally.

He said, for instance South Africa, had developed because of embracing other nationals and wondered what was wrong with Zambia doing the same as it needed more development than the rainbow state.

Mr Chisha said Mr Sata was dreaming that he would change things because he would never be president of the country.

“The rate at which politics is moving, Mr Sata will never be president of Zambia because of a simple reason that he was not born a leader, and nothing can make him become a leader,” Mr Chisha said.

He questioned why the PF leader had so much hatred for the Chinese investors when they were globally accepted.

Mr Chisha said the Chinese may have some problem of human relationships due to factors like culture and language barriers but this should not be a weapon to demonise them.

He said there was need to look at the bigger picture of the investment than at individual Chinese who could have differed with a Zambian because of some misunderstanding.

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