Bye election in Barotseland as court nullifies Mangango


The PF has done a ‘donchi kubeba on Mangango MP Mr. Robert Taundi Chiseke by creating another by-election after president Michael Sata forced the Supreme Court to nullify his seat today.

Mr. Chiseke, a parliamentarian from Western province, is one of the traitor MMD MPs serving in Mr. Sata’s bloated government as one of the many deputy ministers of Lands.

This is the same MP Sata accused of being an Angolan and ordered his arrest in october 2011. But typical of Sata, a few weeks later, he appointed the ‘refugee’ a deputy minister and the court case ended.

Mr. Chiseke was heard complaining to opposition MPs at Parliament Motel this evening and even if he has technically lost his job as minister, he still went with a government vehicle and has vowed never to hand it until Sata personally writes to him.

He has also promised to teach PF a lesson as he is determined to re-contest his seat, which means his case now joins the long list of other seats that PF nullified but barred the MPs from standing.

The seats currently awaiting determination on whether the former MPs qualify to stand are Mulobezi and now Mangango (Western province) Solwezi Central and Zambezi West (North-western province), Mkushi North (Central Province), and Petauke Central, Vubwi, Kasenengwa and Malambo (Eastern province).

Mr. Chiseke should have known better that Sata and PF mean business in cheating. When he first won the elections, Sata openly told the nation that Mr. Chiseke was a refuge who managed to con Zambians by obtaining a National Registration Card in order to qualify for elections in Zambia.

But later Sata appointed the same foreigner as his minister, while underground, he was plotting to have him removed through nullification, something he has achieved using the compromised Supreme Court led by Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda.


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