Cabinet Don’t take Zambians for granted

By Wesley Mambwe

The PF government took over power under a platform of lies. I could go into the archives to dig out the pile of lies that Mr. Sata and his disciples bombarded the electorates with just for them to be where they are today. But that is a topic for another day.

A leopard cannot change its spots, a wolf in a sheep’s clothing is still a sheep. A Michael Sata of 2006 is still a Michael Sata of 2011/4 in terms of character despite what The Post news paper would have us believe. All you need to know who Sata is just pick up a copy of Post news paper during the run up for the 2006 elections. The man is simply a liar and a bully. What would you then expect from such a man’s government? Simple, a click of small liars who are intimidated by the master. Intimidated? Yes, just look at his ministers whenever they are with him, I have in mind the minister of finance.

In this period that the man is acting like a bat, his ministers are now busy trying to outshine each other in terms of coming up with a better lie about the “bat’s” where-about. They have indeed taken us Zambians for granted.

The first lady (who by the way is a bad example for our young girls in that she grabbed another woman’s husband), parroted the lie that the president is fit and working. Well, I say that is bullshit (by the way bullshit is not an insult) coming from the first lady. And my reasons just like many other Zambians who have the power to think have pointed out, are listed below. They say “an old tongue loves to wag”, you cannot bottle bashi chilu if he is fine and fit, mubepelefye!

  1. The recent Mangongo by-election. The old tongue would have been everywhere. The reason he wasn’t there is now common knowledge
  2. The man was scheduled to appear in court after his initial appearance in May 2014, this never happened and we know the reasons why
  3. Failure to attend August 2014 US-Africa Summit. The ceremonial vice had to attend, why?
  4.  Failure to attend August 2014 SADC meeting. The ceremonial vice had to attend, why?
  5. THE Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino of Japan’s visit on 29 June 2014. Zambians were not treated to any comedy, why? The chief performer couldnt attend.
  6. Picture no sound swearing in ceremony. wow, what can we say?
  7. Visiting CAF delegation, there was no word from Mr. Charlie
  8. This week’s Chingola riots. Heads would have rolled but its peaceful.
  9. The Palan saga. Mr. Palan would have been in South Africa by now, deported with immediate effect and probably Game Stores would have been nationalised, just thinking, anything with the cobra is possible.
  10. Chikwanda – mines saga. The “mwine” would have breathed fire in defense of the uncle (thats the problem with nepotism, surely I couldnt just say the finance minister but had to say the uncle, shame!!!!). If the poor uncle is under pressure, he has no choice but to be strong, he has nowhere to tender his resignation and we all know why.
  11. Chikwanda’s clever insight of possible succession shadow boxing within the PF.

What is now happening in Zambia is a typical the “king’s new cloths” scenario. We can all see the king’s nakedness but unfortunately those close to him are trying so hard to convince us that the king’s new cloths look nice on him.

It’s so simple to understand why Govt would have us believe the “king is fine and well”. The ministers owe their jobs to the “king” and so as long as they can sell their story, their free lunch is assured. It’s all politics of benefits really. Our current constitution may be defective but if we had men and women of integrity with a heart for the suffering 13 million Zambians, they would have done the needful.

Our only hope now is for the electorate to demand to see the president they voted for. No one voted for a BAT.

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