‘Cabinet ministers undermining Lungu’

A PF member Munir Zulu says there is “a crop of Cabinet Ministers and members of the Central committee” that are sponsoring confusion in the party and are wishing that President Edgar Lungu should be “ineligible” to run in 2021.

Zulu says the same crop are undermining and fighting party structures for their own selfish reasons.

And Zulu says Tourism Minister, Ronald Chitotela is a liability to President Edgar Lungu.
Zulu says there are some Senior Ministers and members of the central committe who are hoping that President Lungu should be ineligible to run in 2021.

He says however that they would not succeed to destroy the party.

“The source of confusion first of all is that they have a wrong National youth Chairman. Kelvin Sampa has absolutely no influence on the youths.

He (Kelvin Sampa) is a scam. The day he will be dropped there will be jubilation,” he said.
Zulu says the party the confusion in PF was also as a result of the issue of running mate. He says some senior members of PF are unhappy that Inonge Wina is the vice President of the party.
He says PF has good ministers and bad ministers that are liabilities to the Head of State.
Meanwhile Zulu says there is corruption both in the PF government and “outside”.
Zulu says the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is a toothless bulldog.
“I went to the ACC to report a certain Chinese national and as I was leaving the ACC, the same Chinese national called me to tell me he had seen me walking out of ACC and that he had the ACC in his pocket. He told me I was wasting my time to report him. He told me he had paid a prosecutor US$25, 000,” he said
He says the ACC only convicts cases of persons that are not politically connected or exposed.
“Chiang Chiang claims he has the ACC in his pocket. How? I cant go to China and start controlling state institutions there. The ACC should be disbanded. I have asked for an opinion from my lawyers how we can disband that institution,” he said.

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  • comment-avatar
    Samlindo 2 weeks ago

    The story of a president pardoning a prisoner and a minister overruling the pardon is one chapter in my dream that I can never forget, yes it amounts to undermining and abuse of office.

  • comment-avatar
    No3rdTerm 2 weeks ago

    If his own cabinet, MPs and party can’t be loyal to Lungu. Why should the rest of us support him? 

  • comment-avatar
    Bo MUNYENGE MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    Mr Munir you should know very well that no single person can disband a state institution that was created by an act of parliament.If you have any misunderstanding with any government official the doors of state house and PF secretariat are opened to you for discussion but here you are bringing the name of the PF party in disrepute.

  • comment-avatar
    Samlindo 2 weeks ago

    Munier or whatever you are, you are quite intelligent and I know that you know how to read, read the constitution and realign your thinking, Lungu is ineligible. the earlier you realize that the better for you and PF.

  • comment-avatar
    Eddy Lupiya 2 weeks ago


  • comment-avatar
    Kasonde waka 2 weeks ago


  • comment-avatar
    FuManchu 2 weeks ago

    The adamant lot that continues saying Lungu qualifies to contest for national president in 2021 are to me those who I describe as attending school but did not get an education. People must come to terms with folly of rewriting the Constitution or parts of it every year to suit individuals!

  • comment-avatar
    Tatilal lungu 2 weeks ago

    Lungu cannot fire any ministers now  it will be the end of PF , the best thing for him  is to step down , easterners alone won’t make him a presido if he thinks ngonis are more powerful lets wait  , that’s why mbwili is with hh, ngoni’s are traitors remember wako ni wako, it happened with Kapwepwe, the issue is this  , wen people have money the forget about history, watch pamafi , 

  • comment-avatar
    Stupid Idiots 2 weeks ago

    This boy may be saying the truth too late. After he has bought Lungu’s ties at an abnomally madness price, he was hoping he would be appointed, but NO, now that the days remaining are few, kufilila my nsenga. Kwasila. Corruption was put in high gear from 2015, why see it only now? Us we know who is going to jail and for what offences in September 2021.

    • comment-avatar
      Bunda mafia 2 weeks ago

      People said it long time that there is no leadership in Zambia  if u are sharing the stealing With yr cadres , how do u displine them  let him go , the humbleness we see it’s jest a trick pamafi

  • comment-avatar
    Kansiime 2 weeks ago

    Third world politics is so irritating. Surely, can’t this Munir tell why ACC doesn’t bite instead of condemning this Chinese man? We ourselves as Zambians are to blame right from the top down to the least person in our Country. Eishh…this nation needs deliverance!

  • comment-avatar
    Bizmark 2 weeks ago

    Kikikikikiki circus tailalowelela ba konswe mumpoto namwambakale ukusumana ka?? I can tell and assure you that tamulati tetete🙈🙈🙈🙈 Didn’t u know that ma bus fisi in & outside your are the one spoiling these state institutions?? Just wait ba imwe bamunyina Trump

  • comment-avatar
    THE WATCHMAN 2 weeks ago

    Don’t rubbish what Munir is saying. Munir means well and he is saying exactly what I’ve concluded on most points. President Lungu needs more of Munirs around him in this critical round of the political office🙏🏿