Cabinet to meet over Online publications

Minister of Information, Broadcasting and Tourism Given Lubinda says owners of onlinepublications should state their identity to make it easier for aggrieved parties to seek redress.

He said publishers hiding their identity should not be allowed to tamper with freedom ofspeech and press freedom through onlinepublications.

“I know some people are hiding in the fact that they cannot be reached. Everyone running a publication should declare where they are to be found. Cowards must not be allowed to interfere with freedom of speech,” Mr Lubinda said.

He said this when he appeared on a special programme on Zambezi FM in Livingstone yesterday.

Mr Lubinda said the attorney-general’s report on the legal framework within which online publicationsare operating will soon be presented to Cabinet to address the matter.

A few weeks ago, President Sata directed attorney-general Mumba Malila to investigate the legal framework in which online publications are operating in Zambia.

The minister also reiterated his advice to the public media to always report fairly and professionally and always remember that they are run on public resources.

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