Cadrerism and nepotism killing Zesco



What is killing Zesco is cadrerism and nepotism. Once these cadres have been appointed into positions of authority, they now employ their relatives, their in laws together with their relatives, their girlfriends, their girlfriends’ relatives and the relatives to their girlfriends.

These cadre managers use remote stations as recruitment centres where shortly after being employed they are transferred to better places. I will take Petauke where I have worked for so many years.

Mr Lazarus Chulu the Senior HR at head office in charge of southern division employed his sister as a cashier shortly she was transferred to Livingstone, then Judith Mulenga Chupa who has the father and an aunty in higher offices at head office was also employed here and in less than 8 months she was also transferred to Kabwe.

Recently the director HR Lastone Mumba’s brother who has worked for only 6 months has also been transferred to Mazabuka as Assistant Accountant from a cashier.

Some of us have been here longer and transfers are difficult except for those who have relatives in high offices at head office are the ones who are given that opportunity to be transferred to urban areas.

Are we all not employees? I hope the managing director Mr Victor Mundende can look into this matter urgently before we expose more hidden things about this company. The HR director and Mr Chulu should also consider our transfers not only their relatives.


Disappointed workers.


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