Cadres abandoned by Lungu group join Scott’s conference

Several delegates who travelled for the nullified conference that was opened by Inonge Wina at which Edgar Lungu stood alone and won have ‘defected’ to today’s proceedings after being left in the cold last night.

Soon after Lungu’s declaration, most people left but the delegates from far areas such as Northern province and North Western province were left stranded and spent the night by the great east roadside.
They did not have money to back.

By 23:00hrs sports deputy minister Christopher Mulenga was busy ferrying some people from his constituency using a government Nissan patrol Registration number GRZ 1114 CJ to an unknown place but left others to fend for themselves. As soon as Miles Sampa’s supporters came into the Mulungushi grounds, Mulenga was heard telling the PF supporters to flee for fear of being beaten.

One of the defectors said that since they were abandoned by Lungu and team, they have now joined Sampa who seems to have more supporters and expect to be paid.

“We were just used but so now we are going to unvote and give the vote to Sampa. We had T shirts for each candidate so we just changed and wore the Sampa T shirts and hope we shall get transport refunds,” said the PF cadre who one of our four reporters positioned at the conference centre confirmed having seen chanting slogans for Lungu.

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