Cadres beat up Minister Lubinda

Cadres beat up Minister Lubinda

Justice Minister Given Lubinda beaten up

PF faction Cadres organized from intercity bus terminus have beaten up Kabwata Constituency member of parliament Given Lubinda.
Cadres accuse Lubinda of selling land including Kabwata market to foreigners.

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    Nyambe the Hero 4 days ago

    Your views are pathetic and I could care less.

    This is not about partisan politics but evil.This half Lenje called Given whatever his real surname is part of the problem.

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    Miles Mulenga 5 days ago

    Next one to be beaten up is Lungu himself!

  • comment-avatar
    Njangwamuloty Mwendalutaker 5 days ago

    Nyambe, We can have our political differences but Bo Lubinda is Lozi period! It’s tragic when people stoop so low as to deny someone his own identity just because he belongs to a difference party than theirs, it’s pathetic and stinks.

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    this is good, time is catching up with them 2021 idiots change.

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    Nyambe the Hero 5 days ago

    I have no respect for this political opportunist. He and Sakwiba enabled Lungu and PF thuggery.

    Lubinda isn’t even from Barotseland. He is just another coloured with mental health issues being neither black nor white nor asian. 

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    Blacksabath 5 days ago

    I have always wondered why Lubinda uses his mother’s surname instead of his father’s name

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    Pambashi 6 days ago

    This is the beginning of the end. It simply means PF has lost legitimacy to rule. We just wait and see. People can no longer be swayed or cheated. It’s good it’s starting intra party as this avoids imposing a state of emergency.

    If we had genuine democracy, Lubinda should have stood against HH in the next election. With this happening, however, I doubt whether he is going up!!!

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    John 6 days ago

    Hope he got a good beating