Cadres imported for Sata’s meetings in Katuba

Cadres imported for Sata’s meetings in Katuba

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 21.15.10Worried about their total rejection in Katuba, PF have imported cadres and some plain clothed policemen from neighbouring towns to beef up numbers at ailing dictator Michael Sata’s meetings expected tomorrow to drum up support for PF candidate Big Moze.

The party has faced rejection from the Katuba voters for unfulfilled promises and also for picking a thug of Congolese origin to contest the seat, the party’s internal wrangles have also contributed as the Fred Mmembe supported team Wynter Kabimba comprising ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott, Sylvia ‘free for all’ Masebo and Emmanuel Chenda have distanced themselves from the campaigns led by defence minister Edgar Lungu.

A state house source has told the Zambian Watchdog that all DCs in the province will attend in addition to the many cadres imported at government expense. Recently the Zambian Watchdog exposed a scam to pay K20,000 to all the over 260 headmen to entice them bring people. PF is also buying voter’s cards from opposition supporters.

“There has been low attendance at PF meetings and besides the rejection of big Moze, the division in the party has made things worse. As you may be aware Edgar Lungu is the campaign manager. Edgar and Wynter don’t get on well, so these guys would like to see Edgar fail, this is also the team which is closer to Fred Mmembe, and that is why you see the Post is not covering the PF activities like they do with other campaigns in spite of Katuba being nearer to Lusaka,” said the source.

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