Cadres reject Munali MP

Some PF youth leaders in Munali Constituency have accused their Member of Parliament, Mumbi Phiri of having failed to deliver to the electorates’ expectations, according to Muvi TV.

The youths have since called on PF Leader Michael Sata to identify a candidate who resides in Munali constituency to contest on the party’s ticket in this year’s tripartite elections.

PF Munali Constituency youth vice chairperson, Davies Mulenga says the Munali parliamentarian has failed to deliver accusing her of just being a talkative person.

He says Mrs. Phiri is also not a resident of Munali constituency thereby failing to appreciate the problems in the constituency.

And PF Kalingalinga ward Publicity Secretary, Jackson Musonda has charged that Mrs. Phiri has nothing to show for the five years she has served as MP.

Meanwhile, when reached for a comment the Munali Parliamentarian charged that the youths are being sponsored by a named competitor who is eyeing Munali constituency.

She says as a Christian she will not engage in politics of corrupting the youths to win a vote.

Mrs. Phiri disclosed that the electorates in Munali constituency have asked her to re-contest her seat.

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