CAF declares Zambia winner over Equatorial Guinea in Futsal Africa Cup qualifier

The Confederation of African Football has declared Zambia the aggregate winner of the two Africa Cup Futsal qualifying matches between Zambia and Equatorial Guinea.
Zambia and Equatorial Guinea settled for a seven all aggregate score after the said matches.
In the first leg two weeks ago, Zambia beat their visitors in Lusaka, by three goals to two but tumbled four goals to five in the reverse fixture played in Malabo last weekend.
However the referee ironically ordered for extra time to determine the winner. This was despite Zambia protesting and citing Article 12 of the Futsal rules that stipulate that in case of an aggregate draw, the team which could have scored more away goals is declared the winner.
“The number of goals scored by the two teams in the two matches upon completion of regular time was 7 goals for each team but with Zambia scoring more away goals. Despite this fact the referees decided wrongfully to play extra time to determine the winner despite the fact that the regulations stipulate that in case the two teams have scored the same number of goals in the two matches, the away goal rule shall be applied. Unfortunately, the referees decided to play extra time despite the regulations commanding the contrary.’ reads the letter from CAF
Considering the above, the CAF Organizing Committee for Futsal Competitions noted the fact that the match officials failed to apply the regulations which stipulates clearly that in case of equality of goals scored by the 2 teams in the end of the 2nd match, the team who has scored a higher away goal is qualified.
Consequently, the committee decided to apply the provisions of article 12 and to homologate the result of the 2 matches played in the regular time only. The extra time played during match 6 is declared null and void.
Hence the Zambian team is considered qualified for having scored more away goals than the Equatorial Guinean team.
By this decision, Zambia is qualified to the Final tournament of the Futsal AFCON, South Africa 2016”, concludes the letter from CAF Secretary General, Hicham El Amrani.

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