CAF elections which Kalu won were manipulated, claims losing candidate

Namibia Football Association president John Muinjo claims the recent CAF executive committee elections were ‘unfair’ as their outcome had already been ‘pre-planned’.  

Muinjo, who lost out on the CAF executive committee seat for the Southern Zone to Zambia’s Kalusha Bwalya in Khartoum last Wednesday, told Namibian Sport yesterday that CAF president Issa Hayatou had manipulated the process to ensure that his preferred candidates were elected.
He alleged that apart from favouring ‘French-speaking people’, Hayatou had ‘bribed people’ by offering them R15 000 and mobile phones to cast their votes in favour of the winners.
“It’s a shame for African football,” Muinjo said.
“There’s no transparency in CAF.  The CAF president dictated to the electorate who he wanted them to vote for.”
Muinjo said his reaction was not that of a borne out of defeat, but that he felt aggrieved as he believed he had been the ‘frontrunner’ in the lead up to the elections. 
However Muinjo managed only five votes to finish third out of four candidates after South Africa’s Danny Jordaan and Justino Fernandes from Angola withdrew.
He further alleged that Fernandes had been instructed to pull out of the race.
“CAF is not ready for honest people. Someone was sent to me by the CAF president to tell me that he doesn’t want me.
Muinjo added that Africa’s southern hemisphere will keep failing to infiltrate top CAF positions if they continue to live in disharmony.

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