call boys booe Mwanakatwe


Embattled Lusaka central Member of Parliament Margaret Mwanakatwe was this morning booed by call Boys in Kulima Tower Bus station when she attempted to address them after touring the station which has poor drainage system that causes floods after few minutes rains.

Call boys were angered as the minister arrived playing loud Dununa Reverse song by JK which made them feel cheated.

Mwanakatwe in a company of handful cadres mostly from Bauleni was greeted with a resistance from bus drivers and call boys who accused her together with Lusaka City Council mayor Wilson Kalumba of intending to sell the bus stations.

Call boys who were standing along Iringa shopping opposite the bus station were heard saying in bemba, ninshi mulefya nomba mushitishe station yesu? “Awe, twakana tatulefwaya, infula nga ileloka tamuneka kabiyeni uko. Meaning what are looking for you want to sell our bus station? We have refused, we don’t want when it is raining you go hiding go away.”

And addressing few marketeers who welcomed her Mwanakatwe said she wants to expand Kulima tower bus station and its drainage system in order to control flooding whenever there is a heavy down pour.

Mwanakatwe said she will work with the council, station management and all the concerned stakeholders to see how best the issue of flooding can be addressed.

And Kulima tower bus station chairperson Tresford Mwila said leaders are aware of the challenges causing floods in the station and urged Mwanakatwe to find a permanent solution to the issue in order to avoid flooding.

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