Call for by-election, Sata is out, says Msoni


APC leader Nason Msoni has proposed that the ruling Patriotic Front PF government nominate a person from within cabinet to act as president while the country prepares for fresh elections as president Sata is out of the political equation due to his alleged failing health.

Mr. Msoni said the PF should come to terms with the fact that their leader can not continue to be president of the nation because it is becoming more and more apparent that the presidentis unable to perform his duties.

He advised PF cabinet preferably under the leadership of the vice president to come up with a name/person who should take over from president Sata in the interim as the country prepares for presidential by elections.

Mr. Msoni noted that no matter how much government hides the truth from the public the fact is that president Sata is sick and can not continue being president while he is incapacitated.

” Let Guy Scott constitute cabinet and appoint some one to act as president as we prepare for fresh elections because I think that Mr. Sata is out of the political equation by reason of his health.

“We have to face the reality and begin the process of having presidential by elections because Mr. Sata is completely out of the political equation.


What is true is that Mr. Sata is completely out of the political equation, he is incapacitated, he cannot and we don’t believe that he will continue to do his job so we have to be prudent and start the process towards holding presidential by elections,” Mr. Msoni said.

And political activist Dante Saunders has commended individuals pushing for the stepping down of the president through the judiciary.

Mr. Saunders said the continued debate on the health of the president is a national issue which needs the input of every citizen in finding a lasting solution to the current debate.

Mr. Saunders said people like Mr. Changala who have gone a step further and taken the current debate to the courts should be commended and that MPs should pick up from the current momentum and press for the stepping down of the president.

Republican president Michael Sata has not been seen in public since swearing in ambassadors for Malawi and South Korea a few days after African Freedom Day; a day he was supposed to officially open Heroes Stadium but did not, something which led to speculations about his health.


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