Calling M’membe’s bluff on FQM mining

For the past one week, Fred Mmembe, owner of the Post Newspapers, has been spewing attacks on First Quantum Minerals but no one seems to know why?

It is true that mining companies should not be allowed to export Copper Ore duty but why single out FQM, is it the only mining company pushing for the now suspended SI 89?

Mmembe has been portraying a picture that FQM is the only mining company in Zambia.

But a closer look at things would seem to reveal that Fred Mmembe’ hatred for FQM could be due to his business deals.

When dismissed Zambia Railways Managing Director Clive Chirwa attempted to revive the railway line, the first company to have signed a memorandum of understanding with ZR was FQM.

FQM was then using Post Courier trucks to transport lime to the mines and Copper Cathodes to Port of Beira.

FQM opted for the Zambia Railways deal because it was cheaper. Mmembe was not happy with this development because he had lost business.

This is the only time Mmembe collaborated with Defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba (GBM) and complained to Chirwa that the ZR deal with FQM was affecting their businesses.

That’s how Chirwa’s problems started despite his other issues at ZR.

It had to take Sata to call Konkola Copper Mines to give Mmembe a contract. The other reason Mmembe is attacking FQM is because he believes the company embarrassed him.

Do you remember that time when the Police in Solwezi impounded Post Courier trucks for carrying stolen Copper?

The complainant in that case was FQM. Mmembe was so annoyed that his trucks had to park at the Police for some days thereby losing business. Fred M’membe as a sadist does not forget or forgive.

By the way does anyone know that those trucks despite being exhibits were released by the Director of Public Prosecutions Mutembo Nchito?

Ordinarily the trucks were supposed to be parked at the Police until the matter is disposed of but in Zambia, we have a law for the cartel and another for the rest of us. And as you know the cartel controls your president. All they have to do is praise him and he will start dancing like an idiot.

The normal procedure is that the owner of the seized property writes to the DPP asking for the release of the exhibit.

We are aware that Mmembe did not write because if he did he could have published it in his paper since he claims to be transparent.

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