Calls for ailing PF SG Mwila to go intensify

Good evening comrades!

No fear No favour No offence!!!
I don’t mean to discredit the two (2) hereunder but we can’t just stay quiet on things that matters most for the party.

Ba Mwila SG must go! We replace him with KBF
Ba Sunday Media director must also go! We replace him with Brian Hapunda

Reasons for calling on these high profile people to resign/fired or be replaced are because ba Mwila have failed to unite and strengthen the party both at national and at grassroots. He has totally failed us both political and as SG .

As for the Media Director,he has tried but where Media and information is concerned Mr Chanda have also failed us.

As much as i know and aware, the office of the media director was established to defend the party and its president, to disseminate information to its party members and lastly to groom and mentor the party media teams in all the ten province’s.
But on the contrary, the only thing we see from our boss are just WhatsApp meetings in some provinces, does he mean to say every voter is on WhatsApp?
The office of the media director should be a tool to attract new members to the party..
And i can see the office of the media director is slowly slowly becoming irrelevant yet very expensive to run..
One thing Mr Chanda must know is that he has huge responsibilities which I wouldn’t manage to mention here.

In the meantime, and with these few notes I end here.

So sorry sir you must also GO!!!

Comrades Its more than urgent let us support this motion on table.

Thank you



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    Avenging Angel 3 months

    What is the role of a party Secretary general. The roles of the SG are clear.

    1. This is the link between the selected board of directors and the organisation.
    2. This person manages corporate activities of the organisation
    3. Works closely with the treasurer to ensure the prudent management of resources in making the organisation grow and thrive in membership, influence and financial muscle
    4. Works with the HR person to ensure the correct and consistent recruitment of beneficial talent for the organisation.
    5. Ensures the organisational adherence to legal statutes

    A person that is a CEO must have the following attributes

    1. 7-10 years senior corporate experience
    2. Advanced abilities in the use of modern communication systems, applications and tools
    3. strong delegation, rapid problem solving, strong communication and effective organisation skills
    4. Leadership and conflict resolution skills

    Now compare and contrast this with a Zambian party SG/ CEO of organisations and businesses.

    A Zambian party SG

    Has no balls and no brains, no guts and is a spineless self serving goon that is so happy to have the position that they do not deserve that they are all but in a state of constantly shitting themselves with joy at the salary.

    If you appoint a person that was the shareholders don’t even have any faith in, what the fuck do you expect? If I take my cousin and appoint him as CEO because we share maternal DNA and have no other reason to appoint the chap as CEO, then I am either stupid, or he is stupid and a figure head or we are both stupid and looking at on coming ruin with glee.

    The PF is a Kleptocratic party. The people that are meant to provide the party with solid information and guidance are each looting as much as they can while the getting is good. They know that when their boss eventually leaves office, they will not have the opportunity to get paid for nothing ever again. Therefore the SG and Chair are just along for the ride. They wait for the president of the party to tell them what’s what and they do just that. An animal like Lusambo actually prides himself on being an idiot! Imagine how he justifies himself and his actions to his children? I can only imagine him explaining to his children in 15 years time that when he could do something for the nation, he did nothing except be a rubber stamp and yes man.

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    Rasco 3 months

    These are signs that people within the party are fatigued and they have seen that there is a lot of wrong going on in terms of general governance of the but and worse for the country. If you are a genuine Zambian, definitely you would not like the country going to ruins the way it is now, rather follow the right things for the benefit of your children and/or the young generation to come. You can not have leaders who are bent on stealing public resources day in and day out with no remorse.