Calls for Nevers Mumba to go resume

 From a defeat in the Mangango by-elections, a group of Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) members calling itself the National Task Force on Reconstruction of MMD says it will next week re-launch the campaign to have n Extra Ordinary Convention to usher in new leadership.
Team Leader Mr. Thomson Chiwele Maimisa said it is now abundantly clear that the Nevers Mumba led National Executive Committee was not taking the party anywhere.
Mr. Maimisa said Dr. Mumba has lamentably failed to inspire confidence in the leadership there by helping with the quick decline of the party.
Mr. Maimisa  said it is incumbent upon the party National Chairman Kabinga Pande to call for a National Convention if he has the love of the party at heart.
He said it was very embarrassing that  a party that lost power just three years ago can be beaten by UNIP a party that lost power 30 years ago.
“It is very embarrassing that even the person who withdrew from the race almost caught up with us. The leadership must resign. I’m calling on NEC to resign with immediate effect together with party President Dr. Mumba,” he said.
Mr. Maimisa said in a normal country where democracy flourishes, Dr. Mumba could have tendered in his resignation to the party Chairman. He also said the Dr. Mumba led NEC has been very hostile to other opposition political parties especially the UPND  situation he said was not healthy.
“The UPND even if they have lost though we know the elections were rigged is growing. It has a dedicated leadership that wants the party to grow not the MMD. Let the NEC resign. Mangango has been an MMD seat from the inception of Multiparty politics in 1991 and it is very shameful for the party to get 160 votes. Who was he (Dr. Mumba) campaigning to because that 160 is just the number of party members at constituency level,” a visibly annoyed Maimisa said.

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