Calls to get rid of cheap and corrupt Litunga growing

Calls to get rid of cheap and corrupt Litunga growing

litungaThe following article has been published on the Bartosepost.

The Litunga is a king but without power.

The truth is that Litunga will be like any chief. He sold his authority ( by aligning himself to Zambia) just because of money. In terms of jurisdiction his power will eventually reduce to that of a Headman when the new Zambian constitution will be passed.
According to the new constitution he will not even be allowed to discipline any of the Chiefs in Western province (Barotseland). That constitution says no chief will be allowed to dethrone another, meaning the Litunga’s power will begin and end within the boundaries of the Limulunga Royal Village. He will continue being a Chief but his area of authority will be reduced to Limulunga Royal Village just like a headman.
Ma-Lozi you must look beyond your nose, if the Litunga is to be made a King again. There is no king in that constitution, not even a Paramount Chief they have all been reduced to simply chiefs. Litunga will be equal to Isiteketo, Yeta, Mwene kandala, Mutondo, kahale and the rest of chiefs in western province (Barotseland) and Zambia.
If you remember Mr. Charles Milupi Lubasi and Mr. Clement W Sinyinda (former Ngambela of Barotseland) fought and tried to defend that article and yet most of you, including the BRE, have supported that Zambian constitution draft.  Mr. Milupi was called all sorts of names. It is also the reason why former Ngambela Sinyinda was against Barotseland’s participation on the Zambian constitution, other than that it was a constitution of another country. However, some in the BRE did not see Sinyinda’s wisdom. Clearly he saw what was coming. The Royal things will be reduced, in that constitution, and that will be the finishing line for Barotseland as she will lose all the power she had remained with.

This is what BRE and Lubosi Imwiko II have done to us. Ma Lozi, open your eyes. You have No more King but just a word itself. “Lubosi Imwiko has cheapened the Litungaship and even sold it on a silver plate.”

This is why most of the people in Barotseland are even against this forth coming, Zambian government sponsored and financed Ku-omboka ceremony. It does not have any meaning or any cultural significance. What meaning can there be when you are forced to swim with your enemies, who thrive on you being their puppet.

“Malozi, let us forget about za bulena sicaba, because Lubosi Imwiko II has sold the Litungaship.”

Editor’s Note: Written by a concerned Lozi and published on condition of anonymity

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