Campaign promise fulfilled: Msanzala MP appointed minister for unknown ministry

Campaign promise fulfilled: Msanzala MP appointed minister for unknown ministry

President Michael Sata has appointed newly elected Msanzala Member of Parliament Colonel Joseph Lungu as Deputy Minister in-charge of Rural Development Zambia National Service. THIS IS A STRANGE MINISTRY AND UNKNOWN UPTO NOW.

And President Sata has congratulated all Patriotic Front (PF) functionaries for working tirelessly to defeat the opposition MMD-UPND alliance in the just-ended Msanzala parliamentary by-election.

President said the Msanzala victory signifies the ruling party’s grand entry into Eastern Province and further affirms the people’s resolve to endorse and support the PF’s efforts to deliver the change they voted for on 20th September 2011.

Mr Sata describes the PF victory as a momentous achievement for the party as it has demonstrated to all doubting minds that infact, the party’s historic victory last September was understated due to the widespread electoral mal-practices by the previous regime.

He has hailed the PF secretariat and the rank and file of the party for the well-deserved victory.

President Sata has further encouraged party members to work harder to mobilise and explain party programmes across the entire length and breadth of the country.

And President Sata has also commended the PF for decisively winning a ward seat in Zambezi West constituency in North-Western Province and another two wards in Petauke district.

The President assured that PF will never take the goodwill and support it is enjoying from the Zambian people for granted.

He says as a broad-based party with a proven national appeal they will therefore continue to work even harder to gain new ground.

President Sata says the PF is determined to break all tribal and ethnic barriers just to ensure that the Zambian people receive the desired development in their respective regions.

The Head of State states that the Msanzala and Zambezi victories send a clear message to the opposition alliance that time for misplaced bitterness and unjustified criticism is long gone because Zambians are more  interested in messages of hope and assurance such as those enabling the ruling party to win elections.

Mr Sata says the PF is more confident in the collective wisdom, understanding and judgment of the Zambian people now than ever before because they are able to distinguish genuine criticism from sour grapes and mere media stunts by those who do not mean well for the country.

The Head of State fur assures that as custodians of the Zambian people’s interests the PF Government will continue to listen, uphold the rule of law and deliver to the best of their abilities to move the country forward.

He adds that grave bitterness and negativity will be left to those with sectional interests to protect.

This is contained in a statement released by State House

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