Can I Play at South African Casinos from Zambia?

Gambling has been one of the most popular pastimes in Zambia for an incredibly long time. It’s traditionally seen players taking part in casino games at brick and mortar casinos. However, over the last few years more and more players have moved towards playing at online casinos. There are a number of reasons for this, but before we cover them, it’s important for players to know exactly what they can and can’t do when playing in Zambia.

So, we’ve gone over everything that you need to know when it comes to playing at online casinos in Zambia.

Playing at a South African Casino

While Zambia is indeed a southern African nation, it’s not actually located in South Africa. This does mean that it has quite close relations with South Africa. What’s strange for players in Zambia is that they have more rights than South African residents when it comes to casinos in South Africa.

Online gambling is not allowed within South Africa. While many players do still take part in it, online casinos that are located in South Africa are not allowed to take players from the country. It means that South African players have to play at offshore casinos located outside of the country limits.

However, if an online casino is located in South Africa, there’s actually nothing to stop it from allowing players from Zambia to sign up. Because the law specifically dictates that South African players aren’t allowed to use online casinos located in South Africa, this is a potential loophole.

What players should make sure to do when choosing a South African online casino to play at is to check over some reviews beforehand. This will ensure that you find a safe site to play at and don’t have to worry about poor security or other issues. A good quality casino review will help you to find the best site to play at.

Why are Online Casinos Popular in Zambia

Gambling has long been an extremely popular way for Zambians to pass the time. With a host of brick and mortar sites for players to enjoy, combined with low levels of internet, it meant that online casinos didn’t really catch on for a long time. However, as the internet became more widespread within the country, up to over 30% coverage at last count, so did online casinos.

The ease with which online casinos allow players access to casino games means that they have become hugely popular. With both South African online casinos and other offshore sites available to players, it means that the range of sites available to play at has skyrocketed over the last few years. Zambian players suddenly have a lot more choice than they have ever had before when it comes to playing casino games. So, what is it that has made them choose to play at online casinos over brick and mortar sites?

Ease of use

This is one of the most prominent reasons. It’s just easier to play at an online casino than at a brick and mortar casino. Because players are able to choose the casino game they want to enjoy without even having to leave the house, it means that playing a quick online casino game can be done in 10 minutes. It would take at least 20 times that to play at a brick and mortar casino. The ease of playing at an online casino makes it massively popular with Zambian players. Because South African online casinos also tend to use currencies that can be used within the region, this makes them even easier for Zambian players. It means that it’s more likely that players will be able to easily cash out without having to make exchanges

Wider Choice of Games

The game choice is something that really stands out at an online casino. The fact is that a brick and mortar casino has a finite amount of space. Online casinos theoretically don’t have that problem. It’s much easier to purchase more server space than it is to build extra rooms at a brick and mortar casino. This means that the choice of games is significantly larger at an online casino. Players in Zambia also don’t have to worry about other players being at the machine they want to play. All it needs to do is load the game up and you can start playing, even if other players are playing the game, it will never be unable to load.


This is the one that most people look to with online casinos. South African casinos allow Zambian players to grab bonuses. These add to the player bankroll without having to worry about making additional deposits. It means that players are able to boost what they have to play with and don’t need to go over budget to do so. It is a very big reason why players have moved to online casinos as bonuses aren’t usually offered at brick and mortar casinos.

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