‘Can someone help me stop Kitwe officials from taking my farm’

Allow me please to contribute to “Zambian Watchdog”.

I am an Englishman and have been in Zambia since 1957;    I am educated at the St. Edmonds secondary school in Mazabuka and am married with sixteen children and ten grand children.

It is my dream to be buried in Zambia and I do not believe I could not be more Zambian.

I am pleading as a patriotic Zambian for our government to come to my rescue.

In the year 2000 my wife and I after, nine years of fighting with Kitwe City Council we were titled to Farm 3416 in Kitwe but a year or so later the then MMD crooks through their crooked town clerk and legal department at council corruptly had our title to our farm cancelled for no reason; we were never informed by the Ministry of Land.

The illegal cancellation of the title became a matter of litigation but all the files have been removed (stolen) from the registers of the Supreme Court, the Kitwe High Court, the Kitwe city Council, Agriculture department Kitwe; luckily we still have copies of all documentation.

All theft was perpetrated by thieves within the Kitwe City Council using an unsigned Supreme Court Judgment, there is no record of this Judgment any where, other than in our files !

The current DC Mr. Kamanga knew very well about the complexity of the issue of our farm 3416 and its legalities, instead of helping us as Mayor and now as DC he connived with the Agriculture and council workers to steal our farm.

The land has been invaded by charcoal burners and most of the land has been shared between councilors, government/council officials, various rich people in Kitwe and the Lima Posa ward councilor is selling small plots to local people so that they can make charcoal.

We have reported this to the Kitwe City Council but nothing has been done, it is as if there are interested parties in the theft within the Council who are happy to see confusion so that they can camouflage their own theft .

I appealed to the previous government to no avail, the powers that be in Kitwe ignore my appeals;  we even appealed to Hon. Guy Scott two years ago, he did not even acknowledge our letter of appeal !!!               Now the Kitwe DC is stumping, making charcoal and trying to take our fields and our only water supply.          He is own using his perceived government powers to bully us.

All his actions are illegal as he has no offer, no title, and as an ex mayor he is very aware as to the laws governing land, so he has no excuse for his lawlessness other than greed.

He understands the forestry act and is breaking the law,  safe in the knowledge that he is untouchable and power has corrupted his very weak mind.

The DC has connived with the Civil servants in the Kitwe Agriculture Department staff to cook up a “land sharing” map that includes the DC so that he can steal my fields ! If an honest investigation could ever be conducted it would expose a very rotten system that is designed steal.

Please someone save Kitwe                        from the DC Kamanga he is not proforming for any one, the City is in a terrible mess. It brings back memories of his tenure as councillor and mayor when he amassed plots, he was involved in dubious land deals in Ndeke and he continues to feather his own nest at the expense of the new administrations’ promise of justice and corruption free rule. .

He is an embarrassment to Zambia and makes a mockery of our christian Nation.

DC Kamanga shouts out to the world that if you invest your life and money in Zambia do not expect fair play……

A) a title deed signed in the name of The Republican President is not worth the paper it is printed on, as junior civil servants are able to do anything they want.

B) there is no law and order in Zambia, even government officials break the law at will.

C) no one is safe in the judicial system as files are stolen and properties stolen on the strength of unsigned Supreme Court Judgements.

I have known Mr. Kamanga for over twenty years and he will remember how we used to help him, now he turns on the hand that feeds him by threatening my families safety.

Mr. Kamanga must go at once and be replaced, let him go back to what ever he was doing and spare us innocent tax payers, who are battling to feed and educate our families honestly, from his demonic greed.

The question is, is there any one in the system who will willingly see me and investigate my statement with a view to bringing justice ?                               Surely there is a Honourable Judge or well heeled lawyer out there who feels aggrieved, at my bold attacks on the Judiciary, upset enough to investigate ?

I am asking very humbly for help, I have sweated blood for my country and my safe retirement is threatened.      Thank you

Kevin William Soper

I ask you please Mr. Editor to print all my contact details; I would have liked this story shorter but it is not easy to be economical on twenty two (22) years of life.

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