Can the plunderers please bail us

Can the plunderers please bail us

Now that the corona virus will force us into a two year recession Zambian should not only look to the IMF for a bailout. Let us also look to corruption proceeds for a bailout.

Below are just a few of the scandalous deals which are in the public domain and before investigation wings with compelling evidence. None of them is a closed investigation as far as common sense is concerned and we can easily reopen them to recover the funds. Even 20% recovery can go a long way for our communities. Dear Zambians, we do have money!

There is:

1. US$30million from fire tenders (Inflated by 300% i.e. $42m less $12m actual cost)

2. US$3.8million from MCS tollgate (Which was inflated by $4.3m less $500,000 actula cost)

3. At least US$150million on the exergerated loan for Digital Migration and ZNBC studio refurbishment (Zambia spent $274m compared to South Africa’s at $78m and compared to initially accepted bid of $9m for six provinces, corrupt elements changed this bid)

4. US$12million fomr the Ambulance deal (Inflated cost of 50 ambulances at $288,000 less $50,000)

5. K10billion ($600million) misappropriated according to the 2017 & 2018 FIC reports.(This money involves tax invasion, mukula, infrastructure corruption and mysterious houses)

6. $87million worth of Mukula not reported by ZRA according to China’s import data.

This is potentially a total of $880million plundered and remains uninvestigated to date.

What are we waiting for?

Richard W

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